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The XFL Football League In San Francisco, CA

The first season of XFL Demons’ football was to be their one and only. Fans rocked Pacific Bell Park with a league-high average of more than 35,000 fans. In spite of the city hosting an NFL team, the Demons fans came out in droves to support their team.  The team was originally slated to play in San Jose, about 50 miles south of San Francisco, but Pacific Bell Stadium officials convinced the XFL to move the Demons there.

The Demons featured two of the best Quarterbacks in the league in Mike Pawlawski and Pat Barnes, and also featured Eric England on defense.  The team struggled early on in the season, but then really got turned on about the middle of the season; they finished strong and not only qualified for the playoffs, but made it all the way to the championship game (“The Million Dollar Game”) against the Los Angeles Xtreme.

One popular feature at home games was the “Hell Hole”, at one end of the endzone.  Fans packed into the Hell Hole and did their best to have the most intimidating endzone in the league.

A solid performance endeared the team to their fans, and the fans made the Demons into the most popular team in the league.  The Demons set the standard for the other teams to follow, and they will be sorely missed.