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Lot’s of things to see@ Fisherman’s Wharf.  If you go to SF, gotta go here..

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The ferry ride to and from Alcatraz was a lot faster than was predicted. Waiting for the ferry to leave we saw a sea otter. Definitely a highlight.

Alcatraz itself is so much larger than I expected. We only had about an hour and a half to spend on the island, and that was not nearly enough time!! There is an informational documentary that plays near where the ferry docks. There is a guided listening tour that I had to cut short due to time. There are outside sights as well as inside sights. We even saw some baby seagulls!

I would DEFINITELY recommend Alcatraz to ANYONE even slightly interested in history! Make sure you buy tickets online.  That is the only way to reserve spots…..


When you hear the words “Salt Water Taffy” what comes to mind?  Visions of you as a kid playing on the shores of the ocean, breathing in the salt water air and chewing on the popular treat?  The owners of the Half Moon Bay Salt Water Taffy Company hope so!

They make it their mission to invoke those memories of you as a kid, chewing the tasty and sweet flavors of salt water taffy that most people have grown to love.  With more than fifty mouth-watering flavors, you can buy fresh, delicious candy online or in the store.  Not only is it tasty but it’s also fun to eat!
Located in the scenic harbor of El Granada, the Half Moon Bay Salt Water Taffy Company also offers special arrangements of their tasty treat for weddings, corporate events, or other special occasions.  You can expect an artful arrangement of soft, chewy salt water taffy in your choice of flavors.
After a day spent shopping around Haight with some friends, we decided to end it with a cup of ice cream.I’ve always loved Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. It’s very delicious and I buy pints for myself whenever I feel like I deserve it. This is a nice little shop, but it is admittedly over priced per serving which is why I avoid going there.

The times I do go there, I try to get the flavors that are not sold in stores or are ‘test batches.’ I glanced around and I saw the Schweddy Balls flavor and it killed me so I HAD to get it. Whoever doesn’t get that reference needs to watch SNL more.

Anyway, the flavor of the ice cream itself seemed promising. Vanilla ice cream with rum flavor and rum balls/malt balls tossed inside. Actual ice cream tasted good but rum balls were mushy/interesting but not my thing. I liked the malt balls though.


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